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Please consider making a donation along with your payment which will be a seed of investment and great help in my life to achieve my Certificate in ” Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense ” by RedTeam Academy which is located in Kochi, Kerala.

About the Course

Overview of Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense

Advanced Diploma in Cyber Defense (ADCD) is a well crafted comprehensive training and certification course from RedTeam Hacker Academy for nurturing cyber security enthusiasts, aspirants, and working professionals to evolve into cybersecurity professionals who have in-depth knowledge and expertise to efficiently analyze currently deployed cybersecurity infrastructures across systems, networks, applications, and cloud and find reliable solutions to tackle and defend security crisis faced by organizations in cyberspace.

In the Diploma in Cyber Security program, RedTeam Hacker Academy takes every enrolled candidate through a journey of in-depth practical and theoretical knowledge, acquiring hands-on exposure to multi-environment security defense in high-tech lab infrastructure in domains like CT infrastructure, Linux in ethical hacking, Enterprise Network Security, Blue Teaming processes, and SOC delivered by Certified Security Trainers following the globally accepted curriculum.